About Us

You are beautiful. You are strong. You are unique. You are you.

The staff of You are You natural hair salon take pride in
knowing we are here to project and personify your God given
natural beauty. We want to greet our clients that come in,
feeling good, but bid them farewell feeling bathed in their own
personal confidence and radiance.

Since 2016, the You are You Natural brand has devoted itself,
and all involved in it, on making conscious, strategic effort
towards the improvement and growth of natural hair in a safe,
welcoming environment. Our clients can rest assured that their
services are handled by skilled professionals with the utmost of
care. We at You are You Natural follow a keen understanding about
our services: health first. We are here to assess what the client
wants, examine what the client needs, and educate the client on
what steps will be taken, together, to get them there effectively.
Your growth is our growth.

You are You Natural hair salon is committed to providing an
assortment of varying services, from braiding, re-twists and lock
styling to hair treatments and lock repairs, as well as manicure
and pedicure services, all of which aim to have you looking
good, feeling happy, with hair, skin and nails growing healthy.
With each client that walks through the door, we are blessed to
know we can take part in catering to their natural beauty. We
pray that we can be blessed by your presence soon. We look
forward to meeting you! Please visit us at You are You Natural
hair salon and let us show the world that You are You!